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George Harrison “All Things Must Pass” (1970)

George Harrison emerges from the fractured Beatles with a winner on all fronts. The thing that struck me originally and keeps me coming back to All Things Must Pass is the huge, layered sound achieved by Phil Spector, wrapping the songs in a blanket that is cavernous and drafty, but awesomely lush as well. Tracks like “Let It Down”, “Art Of Dying”, and “Wah-Wah” are immense, echoing epics, while mellow cuts such as “I’d Have You Any Time”, “Run Of The Mill”, and “Behind That Locked Door” warm and inviting. Harrison lets his spirituality permeate the set of songs here, potentially a turn off, but his delivery is so affable and the songs so good that it only serves to unify and add substance the album as a whole. –Ben

One comment on “George Harrison “All Things Must Pass” (1970)

  1. Eduard on

    One can only glorify this LP. I get a sense of oneness with each listen. Harrison was so frustrated by having his songs ignored by the Beatles, that is LP is the result of the outpouring of creativeness that was bottled up.


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