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Tim Buckley “Blue Afternoon” (1969)

Blue Afternoon is another brilliant album from the incredibly gifted Buckley, an artist in the truest sense of the word, a man who’s sheer restlessness would mark him out as one of rock music true innovators, in the year of revolution Buckley chose to step back and take a good long hard look at himself, whilst others were prepared to blame others for their ill’s Buckley was prepared to face the monster head on and for that he stands above and alone from his more famous contemporaries, Blue Afternoon is not only a fascinatingly, complex, brutally honest album it remains as relevant today as it did back in ’68, this is no curio from a lost era, so whilst The Beatles, Stones and Dylan’s music perfectly evokes those tumultuous times, Buckley’s album is a timeless reminder of the man’s obvious talents. –Derek

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