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Rudimentary Peni "Death Church" (1983)

Pick up any Rudimentary Peni album an stare at it’s wild cover art for awhile. This is what it will most likely sound like; total no-pose insanity, and in a very dark shade. This is all a product of Nick Blinko (aka Rudimentary Peni) who’s demented art and mind grace every square inch of every Peni release. 1983’s “Death Church” is probably the most accessable album, but in no way comprimises to sanity. Subtle mind altering sonic tone rolls off what would otherwise be generic, mid-tempo, three chord death rock cuts. While their earlier work had more of a harsh UK hardcore edge, and later they went absolutely bonkers making LSD trip style punk sound collages, Death Church keeps a cool 4/4 pace through the whole record that makes it sound like some sort of meaty saturday night car cruising music that goths can get down to, which is nuts enough in itself but then it’s also super Brittish sounding? I dont know, man. What can I say, the guy’s crazy. And you are too if you don’t give this raging slab a listen. –Alex

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