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Royal Trux “Cats and Dogs” (1993)

At a time when punk and indie were well into the mainstream, and everyone involved was flexing their love for all the classic rock heavies, little seemed to hit the target. Too much irony, too much 90’s production, no balance. It’s like punk was stuck in some kind of endless halloween. Royal Trux by all means should have blended right in; Stones worshiping hipster junkies playing dress up while kind of fumbling around with 70’s licks. Yet, somehow, they’re just so fucking cool that you cant deny their magnetic draw. Their vibe is smeared all over their sound and look and record covers in a way that makes up for EXTREME looseness at some points, by glorifying the superficial and criminal side of rock. “Cats and Dogs” is RTX at their peak of form, blending an avant-punk aesthetic with early 70’s rock grooves. The end result is a sort of 4-track collaged mess of vocals and guitars rolling all over the place like you’re listening to “Tonight’s the Night”, “White Light, White Heat”, and “Maggot Brain” at the same time. Shit is loose, man. Perfect for stoned chillin’ with the lights down. A great homage to rock history, check out this LP. –Alex

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