Just For Fun

Meet Trousers!

Meet the owners dog, “Trousers”! Now when you shop at Jive Time Records you’re supporting local indie business and pet rescue! A portion of our February profits will go to Ginger’s Pet Rescue who saved this scrappy, long-legged and lovable little character and made him a part of the Jive Time family. Thank you Ginger and the crew at Ginger Pet Rescue!

Poll: Who’s Your Favorite Drummer?

Keith Moon, John Bonham, Neil Peart, Ginger Baker, Charlie Watts, Buddy Rich, Bernard Purdie, Ringo? Animal perhaps?!

Animal, drummer extraordinaire, our mascot (and Jive Time logo anthropomorphized), asks: who’s your all-time favorite drummer? Answer/Results here.

Seattle Helix Cover Gallery

Check out the covers from our small but rapidly growing stash of Seattle’s first underground newspaper, The Helix.

The paper was founded and edited by Paul Dorpat in 1967. Many of the covers were illustrated by Walt Crowley who also served as a writer and co-editor. Its articles were wide-ranging featuring anti-war stories, philosophical ramblings, poetry and artwork. The Helix didn’t just cover the scene, it also organized and promoted concerts and festivals including the legendary, three-day Sky River Rock Festival. A total of 125 issues were published before the the paper folded in 1970. Additional issues and/or information would be greatly appreciated and posted here and on Jive Time Records’ blog. Visit the Gallery›

Buy Ten 99¢ LP’s, Get One Free!

Seattle’s best budget bins just got even better: Get a free 99¢ LP for every ten you buy! Many staff favorites have been discovered in our various bargain bins proving that you don’t need to spend a lot to get great music. We add fresh stock daily to both our main store and at our annex so every visit is sure to turn up some new gems.

Also, as always, buy four of our $3 LP’s for only $10!

Pinball Wizard

The colorful pinball machine in our front window was a gift to the owner in 1999 and was the inspiration for our name. “Jive Time” the game was produced by the Williams Company and released in 1970. Our machine no longer works but it continues to greet each customer with its bright pink and orange Peter Max-style graphics, reminiscent of those in our album cover gallery Groove is in the Art. Thank you Jesse!

Deface Value Submissions

We recently announced our latest online cover gallery, Deface Value, featuring authentically found or intentionally altered album art. Now you can see the covers in-person at Jive Time as well as submit your own! A revolving exhibit of our private collection along with our favorite submissions will be on display at Jive Time Records.

Submit a Cover

Bring a found, painted, drawn, doodled, collaged, or otherwise altered, budget bin LP to Jive Time Records and receive 15% off your entire music purchase! Additionally, our favorite entries will be featured on Deface Value and in our revolving semi-annual exhibits!

Meet Our Intern

Do you ever wonder how we process and price so much vinyl at Jive Time? Child labour! Here’s our youngest and hardest-working intern, Finneas, busy sorting the wheat from the chaff in our warehouse. (Apparently Emmylou Harris doesn’t make it the cut this time.) Finneas is also the owner’s nephew proving that a keen nose for vinyl runs in the family.

iPhone Wallpaper

We’ve turned a few of our favorite iconic album covers into iPhone wallpaper! Click here to view all of the designs in actual size, email yourself the design you choose and save it to your photo library. (Or navigate to this page on your iPhone and save the image directly.) Then select it in your wallpaper settings and voila! Watch this blog for more iPhone wallpaper designs to come!