Selling Your Music?

Jive Time Records specializes in used vinyl and we thank you for considering us as a buyer for your collection. We promise you professional service and a fair offer always.

Because we specialize in used music we’ll take the time to quickly grade and sort your collection and explain our offer accordingly. Jive Time pays the best prices in Seattle for quality used records, CD’s, cassettes tapes, rock/jazz magazines, and select music memorabilia and we hope you’ll spread the word to your friends and family after your experience; Excellent word-of-mouth has been a big reason of our success for over eighteen years.

We make housecalls! Give us a call at 206-632-5483 or email us.

How do I sell my music?
You can bring your collection to us anytime during our regular business hours (listed up top). We have buyers on hand seven days a week and can usually sort your collection quickly while you wait. If your collection is large (500+) or very unusual/specialized, please call or email us us to schedule an in-store appointment or a potential house call with one of our buyers.

How much money can I expect?
Offers vary widely depending on many factors including condition, the desirability of an artist and title, and label and pressing info. Generally speaking you can expect $1 to $5 per LP for many desirable titles in excellent condition, $6 to $10 for more collectible or scarce records, $10 and up for rare titles, and 25¢ to 50¢ for common, slightly worn, or other difficult-to-sell titles. Depending on your preference, we can offer to donate any records we can’t use to a local charity (we work closely with LifeLong thrift store) or return them to your vehicle.

If you would like specific info regarding your collection or more info about our procedure, feel free to call us anytime at (206) 632-5483.

What formats and types of music do you buy?
We purchase LP’s, 7″ and 12″ singles, CD’s, cassettes and select 78’s, DVD’s and eight track tapes. (We also buy select music magazines and memorabilia.) Here are some genres of special interest to us at Jive Time Records (in no particular order):

  • Classic Rock
  • Indie & Alternative
  • Heavy Metal
  • Punk, New Wave & Post Punk
  • Psychedelic Rock
  • Progressive Rock
  • Japanese, British and German Imports
  • Vintage Bootlegs (Vinyl Only)
  • Jazz & Blues
  • Soul & Funk
  • Disco LP’s & 12″ Singles
  • Hip Hop LP’s & 12″ Singles
  • Avant-Garde & select Classical
  • Reggae & World Music
  • Pre-1960 Country & Folk
  • Sound Library & Production LP’s

Pablo Cruise? Barbra Streisand?
Firefall? BTO? Bread? The list goes on (and on) but it’s inevitable: even the very best collections turn up some common and hard-to-sell titles. With some exceptions the following categories of music are usually relegated to our 99¢ bins: soft rock, top 40, easy listening, big band, mainstream country, and budget-label classical. Expect 25¢ or less for many titles in these categories. Our budget bins will also include more desirable titles with noticeable wear to the vinyl or their covers.

Rock Magazines & Memorabilia
Jive Time now buys and sells select music magazines (primarily rock, punk and jazz) and memorabilia (buttons/badges, posters, etc.) Our offers vary widely for ephemera and memorabilia depending on the era, genre/artist, quantity and condition. Please call or email us with a brief description or call us to discuss.

We make housecalls! Give us a call at 206-632-5483 or email us.