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Eddie Harris “Is It In” (1974)

If you dig funk, two words: “Funkaroma” and “Is it In.” (Okay, that’s four words.) “Funkaroma” kicks off the album with Eddie and his plugged in tenor going off on this sixty second intro that just oozes with funky soul. At the one minute mark the band kicks in and funk perfection ensues with everybody firmly on the one. The title track is perfectly realized funk from :01. Guitarist Ronnie Muldrow lays it on thick with this breakneck riff and the band does the rest with Eddie wailing along, electrified, over the top. The drum chant “It’s War” and gooey “Space Commercial” could both easily fit on a 70’s funky Bruton Sound Library LP. Although most of Eddie’s albums from this period are uneven in overall mood and performance (this one is no different), Eddie, his electric sax, and a group of accomplished stateside jam-hounds give funk true meaning with these songs. –A

2 comments on “Eddie Harris “Is It In” (1974)

  1. Bob Auchenbach on

    I saw Eddie play several times in Seattle in the early 70’s. I had all his LP’s and sold them years ago. Would like “Is It In” in a CD. Is there one?

    Can you send me the names of all the cuts on this album?



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