Just For Fun

Lick Our Decals Off, Baby!

At last! Jive Time logo stickers are here! Slap one of these puppies on your car bumper, snow board or guitar case and everyone will know you have great taste in music (and record stores). Our stickers are printed on quality vinyl with a glossy protective layer and measure 4″ in diameter. Best of all, they’re FREE with purchase at Jive Time – just ask!

Update: For those of you in other parts of the country, you can now order a Jive Time sticker/button combo in our new online merchandise store.

Sunday Funnies

Schroeder, we couldn’t have said it better ourselves! (Thanks Terry.)

What’s on your turntable?

We appreciate all the positive feedback here and on Facebook regarding our album reviews and Music Guides. Now that you know what we’re listening to at Jive Time it’s time to hear from you!

What’s on your turntable right now? Post on our wall, or email us a review of your favorite album (please keep entries over 100 and under 200 words) and we’ll post our favorites here and on our Facebook! (If you’d like to contribute a Music Guide, please contact David for more info.)

Abbey Road Rage

Abbey Road Rage is a virtual parade or parodies; a collection of images based on the most iconic crosswalk in the world. Join John, Paul, George, Ringo and hundreds of other characters, real and fictional, as they cross Abbey Road. We receive submissions from around the world regularly, so follow this gallery on Tumblr for daily updates! Visit the gallery›

Jive Time on Flickr

Check out our photostream on Flickr! Long time customers will see some old familiar faces here as the pictures span the ten years we’ve been open. We’re a little more lived-in looking now but that’s a good thing we think. If you have pictures of Jive Time that you’d like to share please email them to us so we can post them here and on Flickr.

Greetings from Tokyo!

On our Facebook page, we asked for pictures of you wearing our one of our tees and Allay Iwase of Tokyo really delivered! Thanks for the kind words and great photo Allay. We look forward to your next visit to Seattle.

Magnetic Fields

Tapedeck.org is a project of neckcns.com, built to showcase the amazing beauty and (sometimes) weirdness found in the designs of the common audio tape cassette. There’s an amazing range of designs, starting from the early 60’s functional cassette designs, moving through the colourful playfulness of the 70’s audio tapes to amazing shape variations during the 80’s and 90’s.

Jive Time now carries cassettes! Check out our large selection of classic rock and more above our CD section, all tapes are only 99¢!