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Syreeta “Syreeta” (1972)

Syreeta’s career was hidden in the shadows of her husband, Stevie Wonder, and never really reached the commercial success she deserves despite the quality of her recordings. I strongly believe “Syreeta” to be one of the best debut albums of all time. Five star material from start to finish with Stevie’s masterful hands all over the production and songwriting. More than being just a vehicle for him to flex his talents though as his wife has such a great voice and passion for the music she takes the songs to the next level. Any soul fan needs this record in their collection as do all Stevie fans. –Jon

Second take: You’ll find sweet soul, synth-inflected funk, folk and gospel on Syreeta’s debut. Even the clever use of a vocoder can’t disguise her husband, Stevie Wonder’s, voice on “She’s Leaving home.” In fact his presence is felt all over this great album. “Syreeta” is a must have soul LP! –David

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